Don Coscarelli ....Writer/Director
Independent filmmaker Don Coscarelli was born in North Africa and raised in Southern California. Coscarelli is best known for the Phantasm films which have spawned a rabid cult of fans around the world. In addition to co-writing and directing The Beastmaster, one of the most popular films of all time on cable television, most recently, Coscarelli has written for the screen and directed Bubba Ho-tep, a critical and box-office hit.
Dan McCann ....Kenny
A native of Long Beach, California, Dan McCann was 12 years old and attending an elementary school carnival when Associate Producer Paul Pepperman saw him and invited him to audition for the role of Kenny. Dan's natural acting style won him the starring role in Kenny & Company over a slew of working child actors who also auditioned.
A. Michael Baldwin ....Doug
A. Michael Baldwin began his professional career as a successful child actor appearing in television shows such as Sesame Street, The Electric Company, Starsky & Hutch, and Eight is Enough. While his most recognized role was starring in PHANTASM and its successful sequels, Baldwin has also acted in numerous commercials, television episodes and feature films.
Reggie Bannister ....Mr. Donovan
Reggie Bannister, who portrays the cool elementary school teacher, was raised in Long Beach, California with a strong love of acting and music. After serving in the Vietnam War, Bannister joined the musical group Stone Country, performing with them in concerts and on television. He was also a founding member of the Greenwood County Singers. Mr. Bannister is best known for his portrayal of the intrepid ice cream vendor, Reggie, in the Phantasm film series.
Jeff Roth ....Sherman
Jeff Roth attended an open casting audition and immediately impressed director Don Coscarelli. When asked to run into the casting office and say his lines Jeff complied, but managed to accidently trip over the video camera cord, knocking the fragile instrument to the ground in the process. Jeff said, "Oops" and Coscarelli offered him the role on the spot.
Paul Pepperman ....Associate Producer
Paul Pepperman joined Don Coscarelli in his first production, Jim The World's Greatest, working as Production Manager while still attending UCLA. On "Kenny & Company" he was the Associate Producer. In addition to working on Phantasm, Pepperman was the Producer and Co-Writer of Coscarelli's sword and sorcery epic, "The Beastmaster". Though uncredited in the Kenny & Company credits, Pepperman portrayed the role of the Monster who chases Kenny and his friends on Halloween night.
Ralph Richmond ....Big Doug
In addition to portraying Big Doug in Kenny & Company, Ralph Richmond also co-starred in two other Don Coscarelli films. He played the football coach in Coscarelli’s first film, Jim The World’s Greatest, and also played the Bartender in Phantasm.

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